Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sharing Pictures on the Internet

I was recently asked the best way to send pictures to other people. I learned that the people asking the question had been sending individual pictures to others for review. It was a problem because they were sending 5 or 6 at a time in emails and, at times, sent several emails to get all the pics to the person they wanted them to see.

I suggested using an online web album to share pictures. Unless you need to use a high def jpg just a shared online album will work for most any other need.  There are many out there but here are some I have experience with and would recommend to anyone.

Try any of the following services:

Picasa - It is a Google service.  You load a client on your computer and you have a web album to upload your photos and share.  The PC program lets you edit pictures or just click a button and upload them to your web album. You can sign up by going to If you have a Google account you can just use it to activate the service. If not, just create a Google account to get started.

Kodak Gallery - It is Kodak's online service. The tool makes it easy to order all kinds of Kodak prints right from your album. The client you download for this one is very nice, too. You just create an account with them.

Snapfish - This is a very popular site if you like to share and print all kinds of interesting things like books, mugs posters, etc. You can also share videos and edit them using the tools they have.

Flickr - another very popular site that does a lot of integration with other tools.

I have used all of them for one thing or another. They are all nice and any of them would work well for most purposes. I use Picasa these days because it is fully integrated with our Google Apps for Business.  There are many others out there but these are the ones I see the most often.

Share your photo albums online and make it quick and easy to send to anyone, anytime without sending them over and over via email.

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